Sit, Stay, Love Dog Training

(A Divsion of Personalized Pet Care by Cheryl)

Looking for a puppy or adult dog to join your family? Cheryl Schaeffer, author of So You Want A Dog, can help you make a good choice.

Selecting a puppy/dog can be a great deal of fun; but once you bring your new canine friend home, the real fun begins. Or at least, that's how it should be. By making an educated choice, you increase your success in choosing a dog that is just right for you and your household.

If you live on Long Island, Cheryl can go with you to rescues and shelters to assist you in your choice. Cheryl has many years of experience in a municipal shelter and can within minutes evaluate the temperament of a dog.

Whether you live on Long Island or not, Cheryl will gladly provide a phone consultation to help you decide what breed or mix fits you best, where to go to find the right dog for you and how to bring your dog into your home successfully (this is especially helpful if you have other resident pets or small children).

Call Cheryl at 516-658-0892 for a consultation or to make an appointment to have her visit a rescue or shelter with you.