Sit, Stay, Love Dog Training

(A Divsion of Personalized Pet Care by Cheryl)



"The advice you gave was to just relax and walk. Breathe was the term, I believe. So I did and it's working!"




[Note: This was in a single session. I firmly believe that if it only takes one session to correct an issue with a dog, then that's all we need to do. There are no minimum session requirements with Sit, Stay, Love Dog Training. While a single session may not be enough for most dogs, there are times like with Shelly and Maverick that one session was all that was needed. ~Cheryl]







"I worked with Cheryl for my pup, Duke, and his separation anxiety. We sat down for awhile and came up with a plan to implement. I was happy to hear that Cheryl was open to using a variety of different techniques that we both feel comfortable with. One day at a time and Duke seems to be responding well.







Chino (RIP)


"Chino, a bull terrier, came to our home to be fostered in January, 2015. His initial evaluation showed he didn't understand basic commands. Our attempts to teach him went unresponsive. We received several recommendations and chose Cheryl to help us.

The first day Cheryl came to take him for a walk, I gave her a warning that he didn't walk well and to watch out as he was strong. With confidence, she put a slip leash on him and took him outside. I went about my own business then took a look outside to discover Chino walking nicely on Cheryl's left side. He wasn't pulling her down the street. In walked a different dog from half an hour ago! I knew that Chino would be in the best of hands.

Walking, coming to me and sitting were mastered within two weeks. Chino became a more obedient dog!

Thank you, Cheryl, for being patient and for making Chino more adoptable."




Sadly, in 2019 Chino passed away. He will always be remembered with great fondness.






"I contacted Cheryl in desperation. We adopted a pit bull terrier mix and the last few months have been very difficult. He is 7 months old and was unruly, defiant and nipping my children constantly. A week after speaking with Cheryl (I live out of state so I was only able to communicate via messenger) I cannot believe the difference! I implemented all of her tips consistently and even though we still have a long road ahead of us with Chance, I am more confident in the training process with him. Cheryl assured me I am doing great and Chance is simply doing puppy things but with her help I know with more work he will be an obedient and loving dog. I highly recommend anyone dealing with a hard time training a puppy to contact Cheryl!"




Sometimes training doesn't happen in person. Stephanie's puppy, Chance, was just such an occasion. It was exciting to work with Stephanie over the course of just 45 minutes then to hear back that my suggestions were working for her. [Note: The original review can be found on the our Facebook page -]. [Note:  Since early 2020, Cheryl is offering online training via Zoom and Skype]



"I just want to say that Cheryl took wonderful care of Jaq while we were away. He never seemed stressed with Cheryl. He was very happy and Chery has a wonderful gift with dogs. We really appreciated the pictures you sent. It put our minds at ease. We were able to enjoy our time away. If and when we get another dog, I will definitnely give you a call to help me with training. I recommend your services. We were very happy!"




Jaq was a Jack Russell Terrier who was in a wheelchair due to some medical issues. His family never went away because they couldn't leave Jaq. There was a family function out of state and there would be people they haven't seen in years. I was referred to them and they were relieved that I had so many years of experience, was able to manage his medical needs and was willing to stay at their home so he didn't have to be alone. Sadly, his health issues caused his passing less than a year after I met him. He will always be remembered.


Jaq the Jack Russell Terrier


Dozer, Kole (RIP), Malcolm (RIP), and all the cats

"I cannot say enough good things about Cheryl and the extraordinary service she provides to animals in her care.

I had not gone away in YEARS because I never felt safe enough entrusting my pets' care to anyone. I have multiple dogs and cats and Cheryl takes care of them all exactly as I asked. She handles my senior dogs with the gentle, loving care they need but is also perfectly capable of dealing with my big, strong younger dog.

Cheryl is also extremely conscientious about observing the same safety precautions I do when I am home. One of my dogs cannot be around cats and I know Cheryl understands the seriousness of this and always makes sure everyone is safe and sound. I never worry about my dogs getting loose because I know I can count on Cheryl to make sure doors and gates are always secure. Medications are given as needed even when the patient is something less than cooperative.

Cheryl has a genuine love and passion for animals and shares it all with the animals she takes care of. Combined with her responsibility and trustworthiness, you can rest assured your pets and home will be well cared for while you're away."


Sadly, in 2014 both Kole and Malcolm crossed the Rainbow Bridge. They were both elderly and sadly old age claimed their lives. They will always be missed and loved. 


Dozer     Malcolm & Kole     Barry Manilow     Hamlet     Miss Kitty



Chance (RIP) and Raizy

"I highly recommend Cheryl as she is a dependable, responsible and very honest person who loves animals and enjoys taking care of them. She has worked for me taking care of my two cats, watering my plants and all the responsibilities that go along with cat sitting. My family and I love her!"


Chance     Raizy


In 2015, we mourned the loss of Chance. He was a very friendly and loving cat who doted on Sandy and she on him. His presence is much missed but his spirit lives on.



Lily, Paloma (RIP), Shyla, Benjamin and Zoe (RIP)


"I trust Cheryl with my furry family more than anyone else. I know she cares about them...loves them..and I will not have to worry that they are not getting the love and care I provide because she does such a fantastic job, they hardly know I am gone.

And she has been there for us during some trying times. For example, I was hospitalized unexpectedly and she immediately went to my home and took care of everyone.

I do not know of many people who has such love for animals and who is also so responsible and trustworthy. Nowadays these traits are rare; together they are going extinct, but Cheryl has all three. I am very lucky to have her care for Lily, Paloma and Zoe. She is another part of our family."


Sadly, in 2013 Paloma crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She will always be greatly missed. Later in the year, Shyla joined the family. Like all the animals in this loving home, Shyla is a rescue and has fit in beautifully with Lily and Zoe.

In 2014, Benjamin, a black cat born to a stray outside Natalie's home, joined the crew.

In 2015, Zoe crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She is much missed. She came from sad beginnings into Natalie's loving home where she lived a great life with the best of care.


Lily     Paloma     Shyla     Zoe

Belle, Jasmine (RIP) and Jabba

"Cheryl is a wonderful cat sitter. I never need to worry about my cats when she cat sits. She sends us great pictures of the cats when we are away and they are always happy and playing. My cats are well taken care of and the house is always clean when we come home. I would recommend Cheryl to anyone who needs cat sitting."

~Janice and Jeremy



In 2015, Jasmine passed away. She is very much missed. It was beautiful to see how she and Belle blossomed in Janice and Jeremy's home and I am thankful they adopted both girls and privileged to continue to be a part of their lives.

In 2016, Janice and Jeremy were ready to add a new family member. It was an honor and a privilege to introduce them to Jabba who has become a cherised member of the family.

Jasmine and Belle

     Jabba the Cat



Sally (RIP), Oreo (RIP), Talia, Lucky, Ringo and Ozzie

"We have always been happy with the pet sitting service Cheryl has provided for our cats."

~Lisa and Gregg


Unfortunately, mother and son, Sally and Oreo, passed away. Since then Lisa and Gregg have adopted Lucky (dog) and Ringo and Ozzie (both adopted as kittens).


Sally and Oreo


Kali, Moe and Occi

"When we go away, we can relax knowing our 'babies' are well taken care of while we're gone. I can ask Cheryl to do anything even if it's not related to my pets. I rest easy knowing she's taking care of my home and my furry kids."

~Christine and Andrew



Kali     Moe     Occi



Taz (RIP), Tigger and Gracie

"Cheryl is a wonderful pet sitter. We asked last minute and she was there! She sent pictures and kept us up to date in letting us know what was going on while we were away. I felt confident that my pets were well cared for. In addition, my pets received a lot of love from Cheryl. Thank you, are the best!"

~Chana and Leigh


Sadly, on March 29, 2015, Taz crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He was elderly and had a very long life for a Rhodesian Ridgeback, a tribute to the love and caring of his family. This gentle big guy will be much missed by all who knew him.

In 2016, Gracie came into Chana and Leigh's life, filling the void left by the passing of Taz.


Taz     Tigger     Gracie the Weimaraner